Our Program

Master the Art of Refined Leatherworking

Amblard Leather Atelier is the only place where you can learn the centuries-old craft of leatherworking from a Hermès trained master artisan.  Beatrice Amblard's curriculum teaches 4 levels of leatherworking using traditional French hand tools.  Our goal is to keep a dying tradition alive by training and inspiring creativity and teaching artisans the skills needed to create refined leather goods at the highest level of expertise.  Our program was developed and is taught by Beatrice Amblard a Hermés trained master artisan with 35+ years in the leatherworking field.  To learn more about Beatrice please click here.

Amblard Leather Atelier offers day workshops, evening classes, leather intensives, and a one year program.

Amblard Leather Atelier Leatherworking Program

The full curriculum consists of 4 Levels with 12 classes per level (session).

We teach our program in three different formats:
Session: Full day classes offered on Tuesdays, Thursdays, or Saturdays with a 12 class commitment. 
Intensive: Full day classes which meet Tuesday - Friday.
Evening: Offered every other Tuesday from 6-8p.

The first 36 classes have been designed to teach the ins and outs of working with leather exclusively by hand. The last 12 classes is an introduction to machinery and how to incorporate the machines and the handwork you have mastered together.

Amblard Leather Atelier is a progressive program consisting of predetermined projects.  A different skill is taught with each project.  Due to this we do not skip projects in our curriculum. 

All students start in our Level 1 session regardless of past experience.  We do this so each student learns and understands our pattern making method, terminology, and learns the base skills needed for other levels in our program.  If a student does have prior leather working knowledge and skills this helps them get through the projects quicker.  

Amblard Leather Atelier is an "at your own pace" program.  The amount of pieces created by the end of each class, session or intensive will depend solely on the individual student and is not guaranteed.