Collection: Intensives

Not in the San Francisco Bay Area?  Only have a limited time?  Want to get through our program quicker?  An intensive is perfect for you! 

Our Intensive program encompasses the same comprehensive curriculum as our regular session program but offers a more immersive experience, with classes meeting every day, from Tuesday to Friday.

This concentrated format allows you to delve deeper into the art of leatherworking and accelerate your skills development with focused, uninterrupted learning.

We offer two options:

  • 1-week (4 class) Intensive is offered about once a month.
  • 3-week (12 class) Intensive is offered once a year.

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All students begin in Level 1 regardless of past experience. 

We provide all materials needed to complete all projects.  All tools are provided and available for use in our studio.

Please note, our program is an "at your own pace" program.  The amount of pieces created by the end of an intensive will depend solely on the individual student and are not guaranteed.

Click here for a list of all projects.

Intensives are not private classes, you will be attending with our regular scheduled students. Maximum number of students is 8.

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Each Level in our program consists of 12 classes.

We teach our program in three different formats:

Session: Full day classes offered on Tuesdays, Thursdays, or Saturdays with a 12 class commitment.

Intensive: 4 Full day classes which meet Tuesday - Friday. (Each level consists of 3 1-week intensives)

Evening: Offered every Tuesday from 6-8p.