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Workshop: Hand Skiving 1 - Leather Cuff (1/2 Day)

Workshop: Hand Skiving 1 - Leather Cuff (1/2 Day)

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Learn this essential skill in 4 hours.

This workshop will improve and refine your hand skiving skills by creating a seamless leather cuff.  All levels welcome.  No experience necessary.

Can be scheduled on: Tuesday or Thursday 2 - 6p
Send us an email to check for availability.

Class Description:

Improve and refine your hand skiving skills.  In this workshop you will learn the differences of front and back hand skiving by creating a seamless leather cuff. 

What you will learn:

  • Hand skiving
  • Creating seamless edges with leather
  • Setting snaps or studs

All materials and tools provided for use in our studio. 

If desired, please bring your own work apron.

This class is the prerequisite to Hand Skiving 2 - Cover Box and the Backpack Workshop.  

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