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Watkins: Sharp Awl - Exotic Wood

Watkins: Sharp Awl - Exotic Wood

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Reid Watkins started to making custom knives in 1992. He offers one-of-a-kind knives made with exotic woods and the finest steel.   

For pre-order wood is chosen by the artist unless specified when ordered.  Please inquire for current inventory.  If you would like a specific wood please send us an email before ordering.

  • Awl Handle:​

    • Length:  8 cm

  • Awl Blade:

    • Shape:  Diamond

    • Blade Width:  1.9 mm

    • Blade Length:  15 mm

2023 orders will be placed on June 1st and November 2nd.
2024 orders will be placed on February 15th, May 9th and November 7th.
Estimed delivery time is 1 to 2 months.

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