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Kyoshin Elle: Angled Skiving Knife

Kyoshin Elle: Angled Skiving Knife

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High quality traditional Japanese skiving knife with a slanted blade.
Right handed skiving knife the point in on the left.
Left Handed skiving knife the point is on the right.

Hand crafted and made from high quality steel, this knife is tempered on the inside of the blade and annealed on the other surface giving you an exceptionally sharp blade that will last many years.  This quality blade is made in Japan using traditional techniques. 

The knife is made of Blue #2 steel (also called Aogami #2). This type of metal is sought after and made from Japanese pure sand irons. It has 1.10 ~ 1.20 high carbon with 0.20 ~ 0.50 Chromium. This has better edge retention and has better ability to take a more acute edge than Shirogami (White Steel). The handle is made from Poplar Tree wood.

The blade measures 36mm width (1.4").

As with all Japanese blades, please ensure that it is kept dry and is stored in a manner that will prevent the cutting edge from contacting hard surfaces.

* Please note, this item may take up to 3 months to arrive.*
This item ships from Japan, and may take up to 3 months to get to us. We will notify you via email when the item has arrived, and we will send it out to you ASAP. Japanese tools are ordered every 3 months. 
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