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Ets Regad: *Burnishing Set*

Ets Regad: *Burnishing Set*

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1 = M3000 Burnishing Power Box has 1 LV output with 0V to 16V electronic controller.

1 = Regad #1006 straight wooden handle transfers the power from electric edging and creasing machine to the iron to heat it.

1 = Regad Handle Rest

1 = F burnishing head size F2 - Crease Distance from edge: 1.5mm crease thickness 0.5mm.

1 = F burnishing head size F2.5 - Crease Distance from edge: 2.0mm crease thickness 0.5mm.

1 = Regad burnishing tips holder, holds 7 tips.


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2023 orders will be placed on June 1st and November 2nd.
2024 orders will be placed on February 15th, May 9th and November 7th.
We do not place a summer order due to manufacturer summer vacation.
These items ship from France and may take up to 3 months for delivery to our studio. 

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