A word from our ALAlumnis

  • "The highlight of ALA was the emphasis on personalized instruction. The small class size meant that each of us received ample one-on-one guidance, fostering an environment of camaraderie and support among fellow learners."

    Gordon, Class of 2023
  • "It was the most fun course I ever joined in my life. Bea and Amelie are excellent instructors, they are patient and attentive. They never say no to any of my wild ideas and helped me achieve them all.  As well as gaining valuables leatherwork skills, I also made a lot of friends who share the same passion as me. I feel most energised when I’m with likeminded fellows. The course helped me tremendously as I moved to SF from another continent just before Covid. Please don’t hesitate if you are considering to sign up to the course. You will not regret it!"

    Phoebe, Class of 2023
  • "Came for a class and discovered my new family."

    John, Class of 2021
  • "My time at ALA was truly invaluable, the knowledge gained during this journey has left a lasting impact, shaping my passion for luxury handbags and inspiring me to embark on my own path of creating remarkable pieces."

    Chau, Class of 2019
  • "Learning leatherwork with Beatrice and her team at ALA has opened up a new magical world of creativity, fun, meeting new friends and making unique cool things. Not to mention, it works well as therapy."

    Marina, Class of 2019
  • "ALA offers the most comprehensive education in the art of leather making. Bea and Amelie provide outstanding instruction and are committed to ensuring your personal success."

    Mindy, Class of 2019
  • "ALA gives you wings! ("ALA" means "wing" in spanish)"

    Fabiana, Class of 2018
  • "I still can't believe I can create items to this caliber with such expertise."

    Misty Rose, Class of 2013
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