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Listing as a courtesy.
For sale by past student.  Please contact seller directly for more information or to purchase.
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  • VSB Leather Burnishing Machine from Campbell Randall: Brand New (Unused) burnisher for sanding, polishing and finishing leather edges - to end all hours of manual sanding work, at half price for $310 (retail price is $545 plus $75 shipping/tax).  Includes leather felt wheel, wax stick. Separately sold abrasive stone wheel, diamond wheel, and additional work table to rest your piece, also half price at $95 ($195 retail value).

  • French Round Knife: Like New French round knife 5, 150mm, on sale for $40.

  • Hardware: Several high-quality pieces of hardware from Italy and Spain, as well as from Ohio Travel Bag. See pictures for some samples.

  • Zippers: Several top-quality zippers from Lampo (Italian luxury zipper brand) and YKK in black, red, brown, magenta, mustard yellow, blue, orange.

  • Multiple Tools & Supplies: 2 Glue pots,  3 Tandy leather Oval and Round Punch Sets, Rivet Setter, 2 strops with sharpening compounds, unused X-acto knife, X-acto blades, Round wheel blade with blade replacements, Compass, Rubber Mallet 16 oz, 2 Bees Wax, several Edge paints, Crepe, 14 Shoe polish tins, Precision Hex screwdrivers, Leather cutting Scissors, Paintbrushes, Weights, Leather stripping for rounded handles, Double-sided tape, Barge Glue, Self-healing Cutting Matt, Paper for Gluing leather.

  • New Linen Thread: 20 spools of new thread from O'Baltor in multiple colors - beige, orange, black, white, blue, red, and brown.

  • Leather: Medium-sized pieces of calf leather in blue and pig leather in red and pink from Spain. Lamb hides in black and wine crocodile print from Napa Hide House.

  • Handbag & wallet display stands: 4 Brushed Chrome displays of adjustable height in silver color, 4 Clear Acrylic easel displays for clutches/small handbags, 2 Clear Acrylic easel displays for wallet / pouches.