Beatrice Amblard

Founder and Director of Amblard Leather Atelier

Beatrice Amblard

Beatrice “Bea” Amblard is a master leather artisan with more than 35 years of experience. Beatrice was born in France and enrolled in the prestigious Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Paris when she was 16. Immediately after graduation, she was hired by Hermès in Paris as an apprentice leather artisan.

 In 1987, Hermès sent her to San Francisco as an “Ambassador” to their newly opened San Francisco boutique. She was the second employee ever sent to the United States by Hermès.

After working on and designing custom leather goods for fourteen years at Hermès, Beatrice launched her own line, April in Paris, at a South of Market workshop. She quickly built up a loyal clientele, and opened a boutique and workshop on Clement Street in 2000.  Beatrice is the only Hermès artisan in the United States designing under her own label with her own boutique, April in Paris.

In 2012 to keep the dying art of refined leatherworking alive Beatrice started Amblard Leather Atelier.  The curriculum teaches 4 levels of leatherworking using traditional French hand tools.