Rémy Carriat - Lagun

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We are excited to be the official US distributor for Rémy Carriat Tannerie Leathers.

Colors listed here are Limited Edition colors that are not offered in their standard swatch packet.  Limited quantities available.  Don't miss your chance to get these amazing colors.

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2022 orders will be placed on:
February 8th, May 3rd, and November 2nd, please place your order by 10a to be included.  We do not place a summer order due to manufacturer summer vacation. 

These items ship from France and may take up to 3 months for delivery to our studio.

Young bull LAGUN is a full-grain and semi-aniline leather. It is worked from a thickness of 2mm and more in order to emphasize  its natural grain.

Rémy Carriat's young bull LAGUN leather is a classic, thick and “well-rounded” product, made to reassure the user. The finishing of these skins is uniform and consistent while remaining elegant and silky. The natural double tone brings a spark of life to the product.

Full hides range from 4 to 4.5 sqmt.

1/2 hides sides range from 2 to 2.2 sqmt.

Thickness: 2.2/2.4mm.

Rémy Carriat Tannerie has produced exceptional quality leathers since 1927. They offer the finest young bull and buffalo calf skins leathers that are being used by many luxury brands.

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