Kit: Airpod Case

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Give the gift of leatherworking with this fun Airpod or Airpod Pro Kit. 

The perfect kit to continue your journey into leatherworking.  Create your own customized Airpod case today! 

Sizes available: Airpod (Right) or Airpod Pro (Left)

Kit includes:

  • Pattern
  • Instructions
  • Leather
  • Round Punch
  • Stud

    Stud Finishes Available: Golden Brass or Nickel

    We apologize our system does not allow us to list multiple options so when ordering please send us an email with:
    1. Outside Leather Color
    2. Inside Leather Color
    3. Stud Finish 

    Tools you will need:

    • Glue
    • Spatula or Glue Brush
    • Smoothing Paper
    • Rolling Pin
    • Ruler
    • X-Acto Knife
    • 5 Pack Blades for X-Acto
    • Pricking Board
    • Hammer
    • Dye
    • Dye Brush
    • Clean Cloth
    • Wax Cloth
    • Wax

    If you are in need of the tools to make this project, please contact us.

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